Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Deep and Steep

That would be a rough description of the hole I've dug myself over the last several months.  I really had no intention on going on such a complete hiatus from training, it just worked out that way.  Truth be told, the only thing lower than my motivation to exercise was my want to blog about it. 

So I didn't, no running, no swimming, no biking, no blogging (obviously), nothing.

And here I am, three months or so later.  A little rounder and hopefully somewhat refreshed and ready to head into 2009.  Now it's just a matter of doing.

This morning without any real thought I registered for a race.  In two weeks.  Nothing like an impending race date for motivation to train.  I have a feeling there will be a lot of these to get me through winter/spring. 

This one is the New Year's Day Dash, 5-miles of cold.  It's not going to be pretty, but so be it.

I've also registered for all my primary 2009 races. 

First off is Ironman Kansas 70.3.  Selected for the hilly bike course and what appears to be a viewer friendly event.  I reserved a prime campsite, right on the run course where the family should be able to see runners from each direction on the three lap course.  Looking forward to the trip, we have friends in Kansas City, and if I can weasel in a trip to Arthur Bryant's again, it will all be worth it.  (It really is all about the food.)

Next is Spirit of Racine.  Swimming in the big pond, my only hesitation with respect to this race.  The rest is fast and flat.  If nothing else it should be a PR for the distance.

Lastly IM Wisconsin.  Ten months and counting.  I really have not thought about it much. 

That's it for the big ones.  I've all but written off the marathon plan, but there is still a part of me that wants to do the Country Music Marathon in April.  If I can get in a running rhythm before the end of the year I'll hold onto it for a little longer.

Deep breath, that's exactly what I just did after rereading what I just wrote.  Gidde up.