Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Pig in Pictures

Links to the complete race report: prerace, swim, bike, run.

Wilson decked out and ready to roll prior to my walk down to the start. The water bottle cage behind the seat is the one that decided to break just into the ride.

Prerace, coming up to meet the family prior to heading out. Seriously, does anyone look good in one of these things.

Go time, this picture shows the angle of the sun with respect to the direction we were headed, makes me realize I should have been able to see without issue.

Running up to transition, one of the few times I would actually run. I did walk once I got there.

T1, notice how empty the racks are, advantage of being a crappy swimmer.

Coming back in on the bike, apparently I couldn't even keep up with the camera.

On the way out, not really sure what I'm doing, besides ignoring my daughter.

Coming back in with Mel in tow. Done, finally.

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Kelly said...

After just watching one tri in person, I have to agree, no one looks good in a wetsuit!