Sunday, March 16, 2008


Last planned event for a while, the 10k Madison Shamrock Shuffle. Good weather. Hard course. Out and back, the four miles in the middle were as flat as one could ask, and included most of the V-Day course from last week. The first and last miles were hell. Start down State Street, then up and out Observatory Drive. Going out wasn't terrible, coming back, another story. At one point coming back up the hill my heart rate was 187. This is the same hill I'll have to run twice for Ironman Wisconsin, oy.

Mile 1: 8:51 / mile (too fast, thought I slowed it down some, guess not)
From 1 - 3.1: 8:47 / mile ( I don't know how I always miss a mile marker)
From 3.1 - 4: 9:11 / mile (just trying to hold on)
From 4 - 5: 9:24 / mile (good long walk break at last water stop)
From 5 - finish: 8:55 mile (no chance I'm running anyone down, another walk break coming up Observatory as well)

Total Time: 55:40 - 8:59 / mile

Couple interesting facts. First, my time at the turn around today was 31 seconds faster than my 5k time last week. Second, total time today was over 18 minutes faster than the Jingle Bell 10k we did back in December. Who knew running 3-4 times a week for a couple of months could lead to such improvements?

You can put your hands down.

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Jen said...

Congrats on your running accomplishments!