Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jingle Bells 10k

G and I ran the Jingle Bell 10k yesterday in Madison. It was cold, really, really, cold. I went to bed just after 8:00 last night because I was still cold.

We stayed together, and for the first 1/2 hour or so we were right up with the leaders. Then the gun went off and the race started. We arrived at the start line just as they were starting to get everyone together, so we were basically in the very front of the very large field. Which ulitmately meant that damn near everyone passed us. I didn't find official race results online, so I'm sure if we were actually last, but it felt like it.

Surprisingly, I ran the entire first mile and a good portion of the second, finishing the first two miles in about 22 minutes. The third mile had a couple of long hills, and we walked a good portion of it. The remainder of the race was a mix of run/walk, and we crossed the finish at 1:13 or 1:14. Prerace goal was 1:15, so I'm happy with how I did, especially considering my lack of activity lately. I'm finding my motivation and ambition levels are directly proportional to the temperature. I'm going to try and find another event in the near future to force some amount of training.

Legs hurt today, especially my calves. There was a pretty good knot in my left calf through most of the race. That's about it, wasn't all bad

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g said...

I just have to add that I actually heard Rob singing along to Christmas tunes. There was a group dressed as santa and his reindeer pushing a jogging stroller as his sled. There was a boom box in the "sled" and it was playing Christmas music. If you know Rob and his "bah humbug" attitude, you know that the singing was quite impressived!