Tuesday, September 22, 2009

IM by the Numbers

I've had no desire to read/write anything triathlon related since IM Wisconsin.  I still don't, but I'll post the numbers before I lose the sheet I wrote it all down on.

2397 Individuals started IM Wisconsin assuming everyone finished the swim.

Swim - Super thrilled with time.  Ten minutes better than I swam it four weeks prior at the Madison Open Water Swim, and my pace was better than any 1/2 iron swim I've done (Racine excluded for obvious reasons).

1:32:00 (2:10/100yards)
1968/2397 overall
304/356 age group

T1 - Still my best event relative to the field.  Dressing myself for all these years is really starting to pay off.
644/2397 overall
105/356 age group

Bike - Also thrilled with time.  On the fast side of where I thought I would be.
6:32:11 (17.1 mph)
1278/2397 overall
220/356 age group

90 didn't finish the bike

T2 - Second best event relative to the field.
843/2397 overall
123/356 age group

Run - Craptastic, wanted to puke for first 6-8 miles.  Walked.  By the time the stomach was better had huge blisters on both feet I'm still dealing with.  Fun.

5:46:41 (13:14/mile)
1601/2397 overall
251/356 age group

131 didn't finish run

Overall - I'm ok with it now, all things considered.  Only disappointing when I think of where I could have been with any reasonable run.

1480/2397 overall
239/356 age group

My one interesting overall fact about the race numbers.  Even if you take into account the 221 that didn't finish the bike or run.  My run ranking (where I walked almost all of it), was significantly better than my swim rank, which I'm still thrilled with.  This either says something about my swimming ability or the difficulty of an Ironman run.  Not sure which.

Pictures and report still to come.



It's all about the words at the end anyway, so time doesn't really matter. It's a shame about the blisters, though. That's my goal this year, to look, walk and talk normal the next day.

The words at the end?? "You are an Ironman!!"

Anonymous said...

Exactly! I have said this to you multiple time - almost everyone was suffering on the run. Not many people looked like it was a breeze and I think probably the weather had a little to do with that. It was hot for us watching! I am more than proud of how you did, but I realize that it is all in what you perceive yourself. You are an Ironman - no matter your time. One hour faster - no more, no less Ironman. Still Ironman. Probably still having blisters and feeling craptastic!

Kristin said...

Well, it could have been worse... you could have had my run! ;) I'm missing a chunk of my right foot due to the world's largest blister. I'd say craptastic is a good description! Congrats again, it was an incredible day.

KatieTri's said...

You did awesome Robert!! Don't sell yourself short. And, btw, there is so much more to the story than the numbers. The friends, the experience, the knowledge....take it all in!

Are you going to be ready to walk me through and train with me for 2011?

Trishie said...

Where is the report and the photos ??

Jane said...

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