Monday, September 14, 2009

Word of the Day


Huge blisters on both feet, two nasty sunburn stripes, and extremely sore quads and calves. Race didn't go down exactly as planned, but I had a great time, and in 14:04 and change got to here those wonderful words.

You are an Ironman.

Full report w/ pictures to come. Just don't hold your breath.


Robert Lejeune said...

Great job Robert, you are an Ironman :)

I won't hold my breath, but still I can't wait to read it ;)

Team Brazo said...

Major congrats - great race.

Jen said...

I am SO proud of your accomplishment! Reading about your journey over the years has been inspirational and I'm glad I got to be there for the experience. You did a great job! I'm still not convinced I could do a tri, definitely not IM, but my friend Suzi is talking about doing an Aquathon next year. That might be more reasonable. Keep up the great work! I would love to watch when you decide to do it again! :)

al said...

brilliant work, a massive congrats. i'm holding my breath for the race report, but it's inadvertently helping my swimming :)

Trishie said...


Wade said...

Great job Rob! Really glad I got to see you compete and was excited to be able to get your bag for you at the bike/run transition - the smile on your face and the excitement you had was unforgettable. My plan is for the Aquabike in Racine next year - you never know though, I may have to do the whole tri if you and Wendy can convince me (nothing wrong with walking, right). Really glad we moved back and I'm glad she's pushed me to get to the pool with them. Time for bed - gotta meet her at the pool at 5:30am

xt4 said...

Fantastic work out there dude, and congratulations, Ironman. It was great to see you for awhile on the bike- can't wait to hear all about your race day.

Don (dar89) said...

Nice work Robert! Congrats on a race well finished. Was glad to see you twice on the bike. Missed you on the run in the 4 minutes I had walked to a different spot.

I hope you recover well.



I was surfing around and found your site.

I like your grit (probably because it mirrors mine). When I read about your blisters on both feet, it brought back memories of IMAZ (April version) last year.
Besides a changed training program, my goal this year is to avoid those little rascals, as I believe they add an hour or two.

Look forward to the report.

Jane said...

Being an Ironman is itself a great credit... no matter what to pay for that but if your wishes are strong and desires are great, its easy to be an ironman with all of your heart, your inner strength, your fitness and sharp healthy body.

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